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A Little About Me

I am an aspiring author, who has long dreamed of writing a long running series set in the world that I have been making for years. The series named after Mekebe the world that it takes place on will take readers on a detailed journey throughout events on the planet through the eyes of numerous characters.

I am currently working towards my Bachelors degree in college and participate in several clubs and one sports team. Although clubs and sports are an important part of my extracurricular life. If there is a single hobby though that could ever summarize my college experience it would be Dungeons and Dragons. I have both played and ran games, but I am currently the forever DM of several wonderful play groups. I have made any wonderful friends through these games and strengthened other existing bonds. I would highly recommend the experience to anyone curious about table top gaming.

I am an animal lover, and have an obsession with the ocean. Deep sea life is one of the most amazing things on this planet in my opinion. It is crazy how life can adapt to hardship. I own one very messy, but very loving dog, and have had the privilege of living with three other great ones.

When it comes to genre I lean heavily towards action packed adventure stories, but I do enjoy the calmer moments in writing as well. I write very character focused stories since to me the best part about writing books and stories in general is populating the pages with interesting people and their struggles. My own favorite book series is the long running Skullduggery Pleasant series by Irish author Derek Landy.

– Timothy Dempsey

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