Release Day!

Today is the D=day! February 11th is finally here and that means that Red Revival is available for purchase! Here is the link to the Book: Make sure to leave a review after you read!

Wilting Blood Red Revival Chapter 1 Final Copy

Chapter 1 Isaac *Present Isaac’s eyes burst open. The frantic sound of his heartbeat filled his chest and echoed into his head. The brown sheets of his bunk were as itchy as usual, and all the other boys were still sound asleep. He placed his hand to his chest, feeling his pounding heart, and silentlyContinue reading “Wilting Blood Red Revival Chapter 1 Final Copy”

The Dispatch Hunters and Canon

With the release of the final episode of the Dispatch Hunters podcast, I feel like it is time to address the canonicity of the series. Considering the way the series went and the excellent performance of Midas’s player I have absolutely no issue in saying that the Dispatch Hunters storyline is 100% a canon sideContinue reading “The Dispatch Hunters and Canon”