Wilting Blood Heritage’s Curse Excerpt

Chapter 26 A Stop on the Road Velonia pulled her large cloak tighter around her. Despite the slow thawing that early spring brought with it winter’s chill was still very present within Fallnede’s air. The carriage she was in hit a bump, and she cursed aloud as she was launched an inch off her seat.Continue reading “Wilting Blood Heritage’s Curse Excerpt”

Preview Chapter of Wilting Blood Heritage’s Curse

Chapter 2 Ring The twigs crunched loudly under Dhamrin’s boots as he made his way home through the snow-dusted forest. The world around him was stuck in a frozen stillness that was only occasionally interrupted by the sounds of small animals running from one bush to another. He exhaled and watch his breath become mistContinue reading “Preview Chapter of Wilting Blood Heritage’s Curse”