First Sample Chapter of Wilting Blood!

Chapter 17 The Third Captain      Mayor Canberry was in a sorry state. He had been stripped of his finery, gagged and hogtied to a pole, and was being carried through the dirty snow by a pair of brutally disfigured sociopaths. His quest for power had gone so incredibly well for most of his life.Continue reading “First Sample Chapter of Wilting Blood!”

Excerpts from Wilting Blood: Red Revival by theme

Exerpt 1: Theme Never Isaac shot to his feet, he felt a disgusting churning fear in his gut, but he couldn’t let her keep letting her do this. “D-don’t compare me to Violet.”    “You are right Isaac you don’t deserve to be compared to Violet!”    “I don’t!” He yelled back,” Violet was the worst in the class!Continue reading “Excerpts from Wilting Blood: Red Revival by theme”

Darkness in next book and title change

After looking through my plans for my next book, it has become overwhelmingly apparent to me that this book is going to be the darkest story of have written to date. It will make Urban Monarchs look downright cheery in terms of content. I am incredibly excited to continue with this project and look forwardContinue reading “Darkness in next book and title change”