Excerpts from Wilting Blood: Red Revival by theme

Exerpt 1: Theme Never

Isaac shot to his feet, he felt a disgusting churning fear in his gut, but he couldn’t let her keep letting her do this. “D-don’t compare me to Violet.”
    “You are right Isaac you don’t deserve to be compared to Violet!”
    “I don’t!” He yelled back,” Violet was the worst in the class! She could barely use her Magic and had a constitution almost as bad as Velonia’s. Even if I never ran into Mobiel the odds of me still being picked over her were astronomically high, and I am saying this fully aware that I wasn’t and Am still not good enough to have the Apprenticeship. She was a nice girl but she was the worst in our class by a long shot!”

Expert 2: Theme Blood

The Bluts pulled their arms back, adjusting their stances. They whipped the iron balls with a whirling sound. Each one plowing through the waiting torsos of the tied up mortals with an explosion of crimson mist, blood, guts, and bone filled the air as the white snow began to turn red. The Commoners charged with the inhuman speed at the eviscerated Mortals, those of whom without immediately fatal injuries were now awake and screaming. The Commoner Bluts greedily shoved their faces into the wounds and began to drink.

Exerpt 3: theme Magic

Hans held his hand out and a blue aura began to drip from his palm, before solidifying into a reflective metal ball.
      “ I hope you all have fond memories of my golem Rodro.” Hans laughed before dropping the ball onto the ground.
     Blue lines carved themselves across the silver surface of the ball as smaller identical spheres began to emerge from within the Artifact. Once it had accumulated a small puddle of balls the artifact spread the blue light between all of them, before pulling itself into a humanoid form that stood up perfectly straight next to its master. It looked like a doll that someone would use to practice sketching.

Exerpt 4: Theme Alone

He grabbed his dark grey gambeson off of a shelf and held his breath as he snuck out of the room. Entering the cold stone hallway Isaac exhaled and slipped into his training garb. He hated talking to these people, more than anything else in the world. Isaac was fairly sure he hadn’t made a single actual friend during the entirety of his two years of training, only a few loose acquaintances, and if any of them considered him a friend he’d be more surprised than anyone.

More to come!

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