Pastor Vs Paster

So in the Wilting Blood books world, the religious leaders of Fallende’s ancestor-centric faith are known as “pasters”, as opposed to the Christian term “pastor”.

The reason for this is two-fold. On the one hand, the similarity between the two words is supposed to allow the reader to instantly draw a mental bridge between the paster characters and religion. On the other hand, the faith of the Fallendeans is literal worship of the past and the word “paster” sounds similar to an adjective version of the word “past”, ie the holy men are enacting the history by teaching it, and their traditions to the current generation.

The main reason that I am bringing this up is the term has caused a lot of confusion among the readers I have talked to, and I wanted to clear up that the word “paster” is not a misspelling of “pastor” but is a fictional word made in reference to it and the literal past worship of the Fallendeans.

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