Book Review: Shadowblack by Sebastien De Castell

Shadowblac is the second book of the Spellslinger series and is a direct sequel to the first book, which is also named Spellslinger. I think that Shadowblck is a good sequel. It expands upon the world of the series and offers the reader a look into the lives and cultures of those who aren’t Jan’tep. It also established the immense Xenophobia of the Jan’tep as something so warped that it would even give the Fallendeans from my Wilting blood series a run for their money. The Jan’tep have no qualms about killing anyone who isn’t one of their own, and it further elaborates on the first book’s point that Kellen’s home culture is repugnant and needs to either be eradicated or rebuilt from the ground up.

The story plays around with the idea of love interests for a bit, which is a very common thing in YA, and also not a trope I’ve ever felt a strong connection to. But I do have fictional romances that I like and this book was starting to build one.

Another plus of the book is its elaboration on the mysterious Argosi and their strange culture. We meet the way of Thorns and Roses in this book and learn that one of the main characters, and Kellen’s mentor Ferius, is also called the Path of the Wild Daisy. The paths are explained as personal philosophies and identities that the Argosi take up while they hunt the world for historic events to paint.

My only real complaint about the story was the speed at which things happen and the sudden introduction and conclusions of certain plotpoints.

My rating, 3.5 worms out of 5

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