The Dispatch Hunters Podcast is now Available

The Dispatch Hunters mini-campaign is a small ttrpg set in the world of the Wilting Blood series. The game uses an early version of a game system created by me and works using a point-buy system to create the stats. Level is an important attribute as well since it directly affects how potent a player’s Magic is.

The purpose of this series is to one, try and give the listeners a peek into the Novel’s setting of Fallende, and two, to allow the game system to be further tested and refined. The story is set in the southernmost Canton of Fallende, Purpleshine, and follows the exploits of the Blut Hunters Midas, and Mikon, as they attempt to deal with the rising threat of a bandit group, Known as the Amythest serpent. With Purpleshine already suffering greatly from the Blut Wars, the Amythest serpent could be the nail in the coffin that sends the Canton into a death spiral.

So far the campaign has been exceeding my expectations and aside from a few audio issues in the first episode (which have been corrected in the second I can confirm) the recording has been going great as well.

The show is currently available on the following platforms:





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